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Large Storm Damage Restoration at School

We have the supplies and expertise to help after a major natural disaster, including large desiccant dehumidifiers, air movers, and a nimble workforce. With teams in Florida, Texas and Tennessee — we are Here to Help® 

green air movers drying out hardwood floor in a commercial building

Water Damaged Commercial Facility

This commercial facility was damaged when a pipe broke upstairs and leaked into the ceiling. The ceiling then fell and water poured into the downstairs area. We repaired the break and cleaned up the water before restoring the facility.

ceiling beams in a home in Memphis

Mold in Ceiling

A leak under the bathroom sink above this room caused the floor to be constantly wet. The moist environment caused mold to start growing. The homeowner told us she was thankful that we addressed all her concerns and put her mind at ease.

commercial facility in Memphis

Fire in Commercial Facility

This commercial facility suffered moderate damage due to a fire. We went in and did a full demo of the damaged area. After the facility was restored and returned to operation, the owners told us they were amazed at the speed and quality of the work!

green air movers drying tile floor in commercial building

Air Movers used for Water Loss

SERVPRO has professional drying equipment for any type of water restoration emergency. The church suffered from water loss after a pipe break.  The team used air movers to dry the halls quickly. Contact us anytime for your restoration needs.